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How does YouTube protect copyrighted content?

 How does YouTube protect copyrighted content?

YouTube has invested millions of dollars to develop a copyright management suite to balance the needs of every member of the ecosystem. YouTube is working with copyright holders and all creators to provide the right features for each creator, depending on the size of the content within YouTube and their ability to responsibly manage content online.

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The YouTube Copyright Management Suite allows copyright holders to manage their copyrighted material on YouTube. The suite is based on Content ID Matching, a best-in-class technology that detects content that may be infringing. The suite consists of a public DMCAweb form that is accessible to all 2 billion users looking for YouTube, a Copyright Match Tool that is specially developed for creators and is now available to more than 1,500,000 creators, and Content ID, a solution for companies that need a large amount of copyright control, including record production companies, film studios, and focused management organizations.

Content ID and Copyright Match Tool users who provide you with a reference file on YouTube will automatically be notified whenever someone uploads a video that is likely to include their creations. Content ID users can also pre-select what to do if such a video is found. Content IDs, which offer copyright owners a variety of options, serve as a monetization tool as well as an anti-piracy solution. YouTube has so far paid more than $5.5 billion in advertising revenue for that content to copyright holders who have monetized it by claiming content through Content ID.



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