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What is new in macOS 13 Ventura Beta 4 ?

Hi everyone! Yesterday Apple released Mac OS Ventura 13 beta 4. also today they released MacOS Ventura 13 public beta 2 so both of those are available now if you're a beta tester or developer this came in at 1.98 gigabytes on my MacBook Pro and was about the same on all the devices. I checked now along with this apple also released iOS 16 beta 4 iPad OS 16 beta 4 and both of those public betas released. Today as well TV OS 16 beta 4 and Homepod Os 16 beta 4. so far there's no watch OS 9 beta 4. so we're still waiting for that but there is a simulator in xcode 14 beta 4, so it's a big surprising that the watch beta is not out now let's go ahead and check out what's new, so we'll go to about this Mac click on the Ventura 13. Here is you can see there we go and it says 22A 5311f this is the current build number of this update so that just lets you know which version you're on now as far as what's new let's take a look at messages first so we'll go into messages and within messages if I type this is a test message and then hit return or enter you can see it's there immediately.Pease watch the video below to know more detail about macOS 13 Ventura Beta 4 new feature:

Now I can undo send just like I could before but the limit is now restricted to two minutes instead of 15. also if I want to edit this maybe say this is a test message for Mac OS Ventura beta 4 now it's edited it tells me it's edited and if I click on it we can see a change log from when it was edited before and what it is now so this is actually visible to both the sender and recipient. So this is something some people don't like but they've actually changed it's a little change but nothing huge but something that is just there to kind of keep accountability as to what you said. now if we go into the Mail Within Mail if we go under mail and then settings in our settings if we click on composing just like on iOS 16 beta 4 we can now change the undo send delay with the mail app we can now undo sent messages and now we can change it to 10 20 or 30 seconds or turn it off completely so that's a little bit different the option was not there in beta 3. now if we go into Stage manager click on stage manager the first time you open it it will now say stage manager arranges your recent windows into a single strip for reduced clutter and quick access focus on one window at a time and create sets by mixing different apps to suit your workflow if we click on maybe later this will pop up next time if we click enable it enables stage manager in this update they've also updated continuity camera so if we open FaceTime my iPhone connects immediately.

 if we go up to our settings here click on settings we have our different effects center stage and so on and if we click on desk view there's some new information so click on desk view give it a second now it's telling us how to align everything use the Plus minus controls to align your desk to the edge of the Box click Start desk view when ready so align the desk to the edge of the box you'll see there we can align it that's sort of my desk we'll click Start desk View and now you can see my keyboard of course we can zoom out a little bit more if we want to and you'll see my desk so it's straightening everything with the neural engine and there's just a little tutorial on how to use this a little bit better so that's really nice that they've updated it and give us given us a little more information I'm always amazed at how quickly this connects and how well it works. now if we go into the home app they've updated that as well so we'll go into home this is my office currently and in the upper right we now have settings where we didn't before on my other Mac I don't have any settings so now we have home settings reorder sections home office and we can switch so if I go to home settings and then we scroll down just like on iOS we now have two new wallpaper for this as well so we have this sort of flower wallpaper for the background or sort of an architectural Corner as well and then some additional grading audience. so that's been updated in this version as well as on iOS within settings there's a bunch of changes as well I'll show you beta 3 on the left.
so you can compare and as you can see on the right is beta 4 and if we go under privacy and security and then we go down to all the way down here to security you'll see it says allow apps downloaded from the App Store App Store and identified developers. 

so now these are buttons instead of drop downs and then also we now have our extension information here saying your current security settings prevent this the installation of system extensions we can enable this where it wasn't showing in beta 3. if we go into screen time it's a little bit different the switch to turn on screen time turn it on or off is at the top now instead of the bottom so just a small change there then if we go into General and then we go to maybe our applications we'll give it just a moment here to finish loading we click the I and now you can see the delete button is no longer red this is a very minor change but something it's a little bit different if we click on something to remove it's just typical black over white where before it was red over white small change but something different also within settings if you go into game center for the first time you'll have a new splash screen I wasn't able to duplicate this again and it actually was a little bit buggy but you can see it says what's new in Game Center of course see all your friends play activity and achievements we had a new splash screen on iOS as well.

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