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Understanding our hacking and cracking content policies | Google Adsense

 Hi, everyone.My name is Cecilia, and I am part of our external outreach efforts, representing the Trust and Safety Team.My role is to help you, our publishers, better understand our policies and publisher restrictions.And importantly, I also work with our internal teams to help them better understand the challenges you face.

Today, I'd like to talk about our policies around hacking and cracking content.

First off, why do we care about this? We're always working to facilitate a healthy digital advertising ecosystem. Importantly, this means that we create policies and publisher restrictions to help make sure that our users, advertisers and publishers are protected, and can trust in that ecosystem.

Some examples of content that violates this policy include content that promotes any form of hacking or cracking, provides users with instructions or equipment that tampers with or provides unauthorized access to software, servers or websites.

Provides products that illegally descramble cable or satellite signals in order to get free services. Provides information on illegal access to cell phones or other communications. Provides information that enable users to stream videos that are prohibited by the content provider.

Placing ads from our advertisers on pages with content that provides unauthorized access to software, servers or websites, would erode user trust and would not be beneficial for the overall ecosystem.

Why is this important?

Simply put, we have these policies in place in order to help ensure that users

have good online experiences, and advertisers trust in online advertising.

All of our policies and publisher restrictions are designed and enforced to build trust in the digital advertising ecosystem.The future of Google and our partners are linked, and we believe in fostering an environment where users, advertisers, and publishers can all thrive. And by valuing each party, we help ensure the sustainability of our industry. 

We hope this video helps you to better understand our hacking and cracking content policies.


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