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What is YPP? Am I ready to apply to YPP?

  Hey! I'm Kelly from YouTube. Ever scratch your head about all the various guidelines YouTube has?
Ever wonder "What's the difference between Community Guidelines
Copyright, YPP, and Advertiser-friendly guidelines?"
Have you ever had a video removed by YouTube and you weren't sure why?
Well, stick around, because in this series of three short videos
we'll sort it all out for you As a YouTube Creator, there are a few different sets of guidelines and policies that are important to understand.
If you just want to post videos, it's important to know about our YouTube Community Guidelines and basic Copyright law. If you want to make money on YouTube, there are a few more things you should understand.

Like our YouTube Partner Program policies and our Advertiser-friendly guidelines. Ok, so let's start with YouTube's Community Guidelines;
a set of common-sense rules for what is and isn't allowed on our platform.
These are mostly rules you'd expect, like "Don't harass others or post-ultra-violent videos" but they also include some YouTube-specific rules
you might not have thought of like not posting a bunch of repetitive comments. So definitely take time to review them. And remember, the Community Guidelines apply to everything you do on YouTube:
posting videos, comments, thumbnails... you name it. If you do violate our Community Guidelines, you'll get a warning the first time it happens.
After that, if it happens again, you'll receive a Community Guidelines strike. But don't worry, strikes expire after 90 days and over 90% of Creators never get more than 1 strike. That said, if you get 3 strikes in a 90-day period, you're out and your account will be terminated.
If you do post something that crosses the line, we'll send you an email letting you know and also give you information on how to appeal
if you think a mistake was made. But, what about using someone else's music in your video? Would that give you a Community Guidelines strike?
No. But it could get you a Copyright strike. Oh. So they're different from Community Guidelines? Yeah. Do you mind if I sit?


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