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New Chrome features 104 beta| Kick Start Round D, and more dev news!

Hi, everybody. I'm Laurence for the Developer Show, and this is your weekly update on the coolest developer news from Google.
Let's start with Android. And the strength of Android is its diverse ecosystem of devices, brought to market by more than 24,000 distinct devices, and used by billions of people around the world.
Since the early releases of Android, we've invested in our Android Compatibility Program as a way to ensure that devices continue to provide a stable, consistent environment for your apps. The Compatibility Test Suite, or CTS,
is a key part of the program. It's a collection of more than 2 million test cases that check Android device implementations to ensure developer applications run on a variety of devices
and enable a consistent application experience for users. While most CTS tests are written by Android engineers,
we now know that app developers have a unique perspective on actual device compatibility issues.
So, to enhance CTS with better input from app developers, we're adding a new test suite called CTS-D that is built and run by developers like you. Check it out on the Android blog in the links below. And if you're an Android developer,
You've probably heard about JetPack Compose. Well, on the Firebase blog, they're continuing a series of articles on building an app using JetPack Compose and integrating other services, such as authentication.
This week's post goes in depth on how to integrate Crashlytics into your JetPack Compose app, quickly, easily,
and with very little code.
Then, once your users encounter a crash-- which hopefully is never, but we don't live in an ideal world-- the app will upload details about that crash to Firebase, where you can analyze what went wrong and fix it.
All code and details are on the Firebase blog. Go check it out.
This week also saw the release of Chrome 104 beta, coming with new features, such as media query syntax, region
capture, and a whole lot more. So, for example, region capture allows you to crop parts of the screen after a screen capture so you can focus on what's important. And media queries enable responsive design and the features that enable testing things, like a minimum or a maximum size of a viewport.
All this and more on the Chromium blog. Go check it out. Kick Start and Crowdsource are teaming up for Kick Start Round D on July 10.
Kick Start is a Google coding competition designed to help you grow your skills and get better acquainted with competitive programming. Crowdsource is a fun, easy way to contribute data to artificial intelligence projects at Google.

In Kick Start Round D, you'll solve problems centered around Crowdsource tasks. So join in the fun and learn about Crowdsource while you're competing in Kick Start Mark your calendar for the round on July 10, and register at And I'd like to wrap up this show with a call-out to all the ethical hackers and folks interested in cybersecurity.
The time has come again for Google's Capture the Flag competition. Regardless of your background, we'd love you to join in. So sign up to expand your skill set, meet new friends in the security community, or even just watch the pros in action.
How cool is that? The competition kicks off on July 1, and it runs through July 3. So registration is now open at Check it out at the link below.
To learn more about all of this week's stories, make sure to check the description box below for all of the links.


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