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How to use IndexNow to speed up the website?| GetPcFiles

IndexNow is the industry standard that helps you easily notify search engines about your latest site content.

How to use IndexNow to speed up the website:  

IndexNow protocol is an easy way for  website owners to instantly inform search engines  about latest content changes on their website. This allows instant crawling and discovery of  the changed urls. IndexNow allows the content changes to be reflected quickly by notifying the  changes to the search engines and helping them to prioritize the crawl for these modified  urls. Without IndexNow it can take days to weeks for search engines to discover the modified  content as the search engines. Microsoft bing and the Yandex  adapted the IndexNow. Google not adopted but they  are testing now should be enabled in near future.  Search engines adopting this IndexNow protocol  agree that submitted urls will be automatically  shared with all other participating search engines.  

You do not need to submit to both Bing and Yandex urls, you just need to pick one maybe bing and all search engines that are part of this IndexNow. Protocol will be notified with the changes if you see this diagram websites can use the IndexNow API to submit the content changes to search engines. Submitting one of the participating  search engine should be enough others will be notified internally. There are two options to  submit the urls single urls or multiple urls. In single urls the request is get send the request  to search engines IndexNow API for bing. it's then IndexNow then Yandex. it is then IndexNow then specify the url modified added or deleted url equal to url changed.Then this key is to prove the ownership of the website that we can see in more detail to submit  multiple urls together send post request with  all the changed url if you see here  url list and we can send multiple urls along with hostname the website hostname then key  to prove the website ownership, so same endpoint the IndexNow. You can post this request or submit up to 10k urls per post mixing http and https protocols are allowed to submit the  urls. You must prove the website ownership by hosting a text key file within the host the key  can be generated from here. Let me show you that yeah from this url index now so generate  api key you can generate then you can copy or download this file so if i download this file and  show you yeah this is a file the file name is with this key also if i open this file the key is  specified as content. so let me go back here two options one is host the file at the root level  or host anywhere within the domain and specify the key file while submitting the request if you see  here the file is hosted at root level so no need to specify this key location while submitting the  request but if you host the file anywhere else the  key location should be specified while submitting  the request if you see here key location where the key is hosted then the key value once you  submit your urls to search engines search engine will crawl the key file to verify the ownership  and use the key until you change the key value only you and the search engine should know the key  and your key file location also enable own key for individual websites the index now api enables  you to automate the submission of urls as soon as the content is added updated or deleted refer  to this url index now dot org to learn more about index now protocol let us now quickly see how to  submit the urls through index now api. I am going to use Microsoft bing IndexNow api so for that as  a first step you should verify your site with bing webmaster tools my site is already verified with  bing then generate an api key through this url.We already seen this how to do that now we should  host this api key to the website host the key file to the root folder of the origin server in my case  it's a blogger so i am using Cloudflare to host a file through this worker so i'm just using this  api key then sending that api key as a response so if you see here if i access this key file so  this file will be responded to the key value here . In your case if it is possible you can host on  your origin server now i am able to access this key file through this url now the modified urls  can be submitted to the search engine through  IndexNow api i am using the curl command to  submit the request but you can use any client either java javascript or postman other tools  also so here if you see get request the url the modified url then the key value  so let me copy this and go and here.Okay it's 200 success let me  now go to the webmaster tool and click here url submission you can see this latest url submitted 1804 this is my local time so looking fine now  let us submit multiple urls if you see here post then same endpoint index now specify the  content type application json then the data. 

You should be specifying host my website host  then key the same key then the url list you can specify up to 10k urls.I'm going to  specify two urls so let me execute this again.

Okay it's 200 now let me go to the webmaster  tool if i click on url submission so you i can  

see these two urls now submitted eight seven is  my again local time so looking fine the all those  

three urls are now submitted even you can submit  the urls through webmaster tool if you click here  

submit urls you can specify all those url one url  per line so 10k urls can be specified because one  

url is already submitted showing so you can  specify the url and click on submit all those  

url will be submitted for indexing again please  note the immediate indexing is not guaranteed  

through this so urls are submitted but it's up to  the search engine to pick those urls and index it  

based on the criteria what is defined bing  already has the url and content submission apis  

for submitting the urls for indexing those  are still supported so you can refer here  

url submission or content submission apis  still this can be used to submit the content  

changes to bing only different here is  those changes will not be propagated to  

other search engines even those are participated  in the index now only index now api is used those  

changes will be propagated for other participating  engines google currently does not support  

index now but they are testing should be enabled  in near future google already has indexing api  

that can be used for quick indexing updates refer  to this url for more details indexing api quick  

start will help you to index any content changes  quickly in a summary index now enables websites  

to submit updated content directly to search  engines and have the content immediately crawled  

this means search engines can update their  index and search result with the latest content  

IndexNow looks to be an interesting feature  for websites hoping other search engines also  

will adopt soon.


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