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HTML Full Course for Beginners | Complete All-in-One Tutorial


Hello and welcome to four hours of html tutorials and instruction. This video is made up of 10 tutorials for learning html that build upon each other much like the chapters of a book throughout the lessons. In this video I will mention links being available in the description below. I've compiled all of these links into one github resource that you will find in the description.

Let's get started learning html with chapter one what is HTML.

HTML is an acronym that stands for hypertext markup language and hypertext markup language html is the most basic building block of the web. it defines the meaning and structure of web content and hypertext refers to links that connect web pages to each other and that can be within a single website or from one website to another overall. HTML uses markup to annotate text images and other content for display in a web browser and you can see an example of some of these markup elements here, but before we begin creating a web page and using these markup elements we need to get the necessary tools, so let's start with a web browser if you don't have one or if you're curious what I will be using in this series I'll be using the google chrome browser and you can download that at chrome So if you don't have that and want to use that go ahead and download and install now and then come back to the tutorial.For more details please watch the video below:

Also I will be using an extension and we go to chrome Webstore to get extensions for the chrome browser and there if you want to use the extension that I'm going to use it's called dark new tab and you can press enter to search for that and once you've completed your search you'll see dark new tab offered by keller which is the one that I have added and you can see added here. I'll click on that and once you're inside the page for dark new tab you should have an install button here since I already have it installed. This is now a remove button for me what this does is when you open a new tab in the browser it uses a dark page instead of a light page and I use dark mode whenever possible so I prefer that if you see me open a new tab in this development series you'll probably see a dark tab like this one from there. we need to get a code editor and the industry standard right now and what i prefer to use is visual studio code again you can use other code editors to write your html code but if you go to, you'll be able to download visual studio code for free and there you can download for windows if you're on windows like I am or you can click other platforms and it's also available for linux and macOS, so now would be a good time to go ahead and download visual studio code and install your code editor and go ahead and open that up and then come back to the video. 


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